Benefits of Plastic Media Blasting

You must be wondering how plastic media blasting is better than the other blasting techniques. Unlike the conventional blasting methods like sand blasting, chemical paint stripping plastic blasting is much more easy and efficient method. The dry abrasive blasting method involves the use of angular, soft particles. This process is more suitable for ventilated area such as walk in booths, airplane hangars, large rooms, glove box, etc. the best part of plastic blasting media is that it works at a considerably lower pressure (as lower as 40 PSI) than the other blasting techniques. Since this blasting process involves soft plastic medium and low pressure, it is does not cause any harm beneath the paint surface. The consistent performance and high stripping rate make this process one of the most sought after blasting process. Moreover, it also reduces the amount of hazardous waste generated.
De-flashing, de-burring, removal of powder coating, mold cleansing, cleaning of engine parts, paint stripping, etc are some of the many applications of the plastic media blasting.

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