Benefits of Steel Grit Blasting in Coating Removal

The use of the steel grit blasting method of decoating industrial metals serves a dual purpose. It's aggressive enough to quickly and easily strip the surface of its coatings and contaminants. The grit is available in varying degrees of hardness, depending on the material that needs to be cleaned. Softer grits quickly lose their cutting angle as the particles become rounded as they hit the surface. Therefore, harder grits are used when the coating material to be removed requires more of a constant cutting action.

The angular shape of the steel grit leaves an etched surface which translates into exceptionsl adhesion of many types of coating materials including rubber and enamel. Similar to selecting the hardness of the grit in accordance with the amount of cutting force needed to reach the metal, the depth of the resultant etching is also determined by the hardness of the grit. In essence, steel grit blasting provides quick, precise decoating and the ideal surface preparation for subsequent recoating at the same time.

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