Some Removal Services from PPS

Plastic Media blasting is a method of stripping all or part of cured powder coating without causing damage to the surfaces. The US Department of Defense has employed Plastic media blasting which has replaced the toxic chemical strippers when stripping aerospace or aircraft components.

Steel grit blasting is another method that can be used to remove cured powder coating. When compared to aluminium oxide, steel grit blasting is softer. Steel grit blasting is also ideal steel and other metals. This method gives an etched surface for better adhesion of coatings like rubber, paint, and enamel among others.

Paint burn off is another cost saving and an effective method of removing debris and coating from metal surfaces. The metal parts are placed in an oven and heated slowly at high temperatures for about two hours. The ash is then blasted off with an abrasive compound. This reduces the time for blasting which would depend on the number of coats.

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