PPS Limited offers a number of industrial paint removal and finishing services, including:

  • Chemical Stripping
  • Thermal Stripping and Powder Coating Burn off
  • Plastic Media Blasting
  • Steel Grit Blasting
  • Industrial Parts Washing (rack, jig, painthooks)
  • Metal Cleaning, Metal Paint Removal
  • Rust Protection
  • Distribution of Plastic Media for US Manufacturer

The method of surface cleaning depends mainly on the substrate material. Our knowledgeable staff can help you determine the most efficient way to remove paint and debris from the surface of your production parts without damaging the underlying structure. We also offer washing and rust protection to ensure that your parts are returned looking like new and ready for reintegration into your process.

PPS Limited offers quick turnaround on your paint hook cleaning requirements. We will work with you to develop a cost efficient cleaning program for all your paint tools, fixtures, hooks and carriers.

  • robot covers
  • paint booth cleaners
  • barrier greases and films
Industrial Burn off
Plastic Media Blasting
Parts Washing

Chemical Stripping
Rust Protection
Steel Grit Blasting