Techno Strip is now part of PPS. Same great company, better service, further reach.

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Thank you for contacting Techno Strip. We are still the same company you know, specializing in paint stripping and metal cleaning services, but with a new look.

The acquisition of Techno Strip into Production Paint Stripping allows PPS to expand its services into more locations. The merger increases response time to customers from Ohio to Canada while offering the combined competency of more than 50 years of industrial expertise. We know you will appreciate the benefits of our merger and we look forward to serving you soon.

We are now a part of PPS.


Industrial Services

  • Paint stripping, derusting and degreasing
  • Removal of surface coating and cleaning of parts for recoating
  • Removal of rust, oils and contaminants from metal parts
  • Cleaning and repairing of paint fixtures, racks and hooks
  • Specialists to automotive and industrial coaters and metal fabricators
  • Cleaning of printers' screens, racks and dryers
  • Cleaning of mold plates, screws and plastic process tooling
  • Fast turnaround and emergency service

Restoration Services

  • Chemical dipping of complete cars and car parts to remove paint and rust
  • Stripping of building components, railings, metal furniture, other projects

About Us

Techno Strip Ltd. was founded in 1992 as a leading provider of paint stripping and metal cleaning services to industrial customers in the automotive, coatings and manufacturing sectors and to professionals and individuals restoring classic cars and other metal products.

In addition to paint stripping, we can remove zinc and other surface coatings or fouling agents, derust, degrease and clean various sizes and shapes of metal parts. We can strip steel, aluminum, galvanized steel, wrought iron, castings and forgings, copper, die cast zinc and other metals and alloys.

We take innovative approaches to all projects, whether they are one-off or have day-to-day requirements, by analyzing and testing parts to find suitable and economical stripping and cleaning solutions. Our capabilities include thermal, hot and cold chemical and mechanical cleaning processes using in-house technologies, our own formulas, and modern plant and equipment. We are equipped to handle items up to 10 tons in weight and sizes ranging from small nuts and bolts to large castings and steel assemblies up to 18 feet in length.

We are proud of the quality of our work and won't take on any job that we cannot handle efficiently and cost effectively. Techno Strip offers Tier 1 automotive quality.

Our plant is situated in Brampton, Ontario, near all major highways. We are located in the center of Southern Ontario's manufacturing and automotive industries.

In accordance with the Toxic Reductions Act of Ontario, Techno Strip is required to post its Toxic Reduction Plan Summary. A copy is available by clicking here (PDF).

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1 Blair Drive, Brampton,
Ontario, Canada, L6T 2H4

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