About Us

Why PPS?

We are your proactive partners for industrial paint stripping, working with you to provide dependable solutions so your business doesn’t miss a beat.

At Production Paint Stripping Limited, and Production Paint Stripping Windsor Limited, our mission is to become your trusted partner, working with you to collaboratively develop processes, procedures and equipment that save time, effort, and money.

This philosophy has made us a leader in the industrial parts cleaning industry — a position we work every day to maintain.

With 24/7 operations, our own fleet of trucks and locations are adjacent to major trucking routes, we are able to deliver an undermatched level of dependability. We also work together with you to develop contingency plans utilizing our backup systems to ensure that your parts always arrive on time.

Our Processes

We work with you to identify the most effective way to clean and prepare your parts for re-use. Our extensive experience with metal surface preparation allows us to find the perfect solution for every challenge.


Parts that aren’t sensitive to temperature can be cleaned effectively in one of our thermal furnaces.


We use chemical baths to treat materials that may weaken or distort under high temperature.

Media Blasting

Media blasting can be used to give a greater amount of control than alternative cleaning methods.

Parts Washing

Industrial parts washing can be used to efficiently clean products in bulk and to break down accumulated dirt, oils…


We keep your business running on schedule! Our fleet of trucks and backup solutions means that your products…

Our History

PPS has been serving the automotive, aerospace, and general manufacturing industries since 1991.

Originally, the mandate of the company was to provide chemical paint stripping services to custom coaters in the Southern Ontario Region. Continual efforts seeking out new markets promoted growth to include additional surface preparation services. In 1996 PPS began supplying one of the top OEM Automotive Manufacturing facilities and further growth followed quickly with the addition of Tier 1 and Tier 2 Automotive Suppliers. Today, PPS currently provides services to all but one of the OEM Automotive Manufacturing facilities in Ontario alongside their Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Our Team

Get to know more about the experienced team of professionals behind PPS.

Clay Jackson

Clay Jackson


E cjackson@ppslimited.com

P (416) 675-1265 ext. 30

Thirty years of experience assisting industrial facilities in solving problems. From paint line tooling to conveyor chains to cleaning high volumes of low inventory paint jigs in a limited window. Evaluating a variety of paint-line related tooling to determine best, cheapest and safest cleaning methods. Expanding our facilities to include a fleet of trucks and increasing our operation to 24 hours, plus weekends, all geared towards meeting OE and Tier1 demanding requirements.

Kyle Jackson

Kyle Jackson

Plant Manager

E kjackson@ppslimited.com

P (647) 462-1206

Kyle possesses a degree in engineering coupled with 10 years of experience in the paint stripping industry from washing parts, to evaluating and fine-tuning our waste water treatment system. Experienced in running high volume, large capacity systems has led to his role as PPS plant manager. Dedicated to resolving issues, finding solutions and leading a team to ensure the highest of quality standards are met. Productivity, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction is his priority.

Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes


E chughes@ppslimited.com

P (416) 675-1265 ext. 25

Practical expertise in providing services to Automotive Paint Departments at the Assembly Plant and Tier 1 levels. An expert in the application and execution of all commercially viable organic coating removal methods, including chemical paint stripping, thermal coating removal and plastic media blasting. Application experience in excess of 25 years in the cleaning of paint-line tooling, reclaiming incorrectly painted parts, as well as paint and primer removal from aircraft landing gear prior to die penetrant inspection.

Sandra Hughes

Sandra Hughes


E shughes@ppslimited.com

P 416.675.1265

An expert in quality systems auditing, keeps our team on track to producing consistent repeatable quality.  Well-versed in management information and accounting systems to pin-point cost issues. Managing our job cost system to provide best and accurate pricing, ensures our customers get great value.

Tricia McLaughlin

Tricia McLaughlin

Sales Manager

21 years of experience in Automotive/Industrial Manufacturing sales and service. Expertise in paint booth management: Pretreatment, paint booth function which includes cleanliness, air balance, robot cover design/install, flood sheet and venturi systems (Detack), waste water and booth maintenance products.   Experience selling rack, paint-line tooling and parts paint stripping services.

Our Facilities

Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line and environmentally safe equipment that can manage workloads of any size.

We offer tours where you can see for yourself our selection of equipment for industrial paint stripping solutions, as well as removing powder coating, electrostatic coating (E-Coat), liquid coating (including 2K applications) and other surface debris.

Located in Toronto and Windsor Ontario, with convenient and immediate access to several major trucking routes so our fleet of trucks can deliver parts on schedule.

Case Study

Service Provided

Process Bolt and Nut Cleaning


Process bolts/nuts used in the pre-assembly of the vehicle were removed and discarded.

Solution & Outcome

PPS was able to complete a process whereby the parts were safely cleaned of paint, and returned for re-use, providing a substantial cost savings to our customers. Our process produced such a quality finish that US customs maintained the bolts/nuts were a new, purchased product, not recycled.