Chemical Immersion Stripping

Chemical Immersion Stripping

The preferred method for removing paint from parts that are sensitive to high temperatures. Chemical paint stripping uses industrial-strength chemical processes to weaken or break down the bond between the paint and the metal surface. Any paint remaining after several hours in the chemical bath is removed with high pressure water jets.

During the chemical immersion process, paint is removed from parts through submersion into water-based chemical solutions, which surround the metal, remove the organics and provide a clean part for your operations. After the part is cleaned and inspected, we pack it into the original container to return it to the customer.

PPS is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and our chemical immersion process is compliant with all environmental standards. Not only do we believe in reusing parts that were mistakenly coated, but we also believe in keeping our air and water clean.

Coating Removal For Ferrous Materials Include:

Steel, Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Steel Alloys

PPS Also Offers Coating Removal for Aluminum and Galvanized Materials

Benefits of Chemical Immersion

  • Strong enough to deal with extremely tough adhesives
  • Environmentally safe process and an efficient way to strip the coating from finished parts.
  • Recommended paint stripping method for both ferrous and non-ferrous parts.
  • Proven to remove organics from metals such as aluminum, aluminum wheels, stainless steel and thin gauged steel.
  • Easily removes difficult coatings (E-coat, Powder Coats, Liquid Coat, Enamel, Polyester Paint, , Epoxies, Urethanes etc.)
  • No tarnishing of polished aluminum or brass surfaces
  • Less stress on the substrate which allows for better coating ability than other methods
  • Clean surface with NO ash residue
  • Prevents damage or distortion to the metal structure of parts that are sensitive to high temperatures
  • All parts receive a final quality check before being shipped

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