We pride ourselves as being solutions providers — and that includes creating a lineup of products that are designed to help you meet your efficiency and quality requirements. If you have a paint booth (liquid, powder or ecoat), we provide the products and services that you need to maintain the cleanliness required to manufacture quality parts.

We’ve developed our product line after years of experience and testing. Benefit from certainty and consistency when you use products by PPS!


Robot Covers

Our covers provide comprehensive coverage of paint robots against extreme environments, temperatures, and contaminants.

Our familiarity with manufacturers and models allows us to provide the best possible sizing and materials to fit your application and helps to extend the life and effectiveness of your paint robots.

Paint Booth Cleaners

Remove built-up and resilient paint from surfaces with paint booth cleaners specially formulated to face the challenge.

Keeping a paint booth clean is essential for maintaining quality standards. Our lineup of products is tough enough to remove layers of caked-on paint that are the result of daily operations, while not causing any damage to the surface underneath.

Barrier Greases & Films

These products provide a durable seal that protects materials from oil, grease, moisture, and other contaminants.

Tailor-made to fit your application, our barrier greases and films are highly effective in maintaining consistent quality and reducing degradation or waste.

Distribution of Plastic Media

Distribution of Plastic Media for facilities who require plastic shot for their own on-site surface preparation.

Paint Booth Success

The trial for the 7977C Clear Masking was a success in the paint booths. The product applied easily using our sprayers and came off with no problems.

Leadec Services

Case Study


Paint Skid Cleaning


Large paint skids are difficult to clean, given their overall size and the amount of paint build up that accumulates on their surface. Most facilities, including Ford, do not have the proper cleaning set up. Options include grit blast and high pressure water blasting, resulting in a very messy, time consuming and expensive process.


PPS was able to thermally clean these large, difficult to handle, paint skids effectively while providing our customer with a perfectly cleaned skid with true geometry in addition to saving them money.

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