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Apr 4 2024

Unusual Machine Sweetens PPS Acquisition

PPS’ acquirement of the former Lee Industrial in Huntsville, Alabama included a bonus—an unusual paint stripping machine called a Dinamec Systems Fluidized Sand Bed. Looking like something out of a medieval painting, the sand bed uses heated sand to strip the paint from metal parts much faster and efficiently than ...
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Jan 29 2024

PPS Acquires Batesville, Indiana Plant

PPS Production Paint Stripping has expanded its reach into Midwest America with its acquisition of the former Eltek Company in Batesville, Indiana. “We have found a thriving business with a dedicated workforce and an excellent reputation for quality and customer service in its region, serving Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky,” said ...
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Dec 1 2023

PPS and MPW Participate in Canadian Diabetes Cure Event

PPS General Manager Chris Hughes appreciates all the support generated for “Ally’s Allies,” a group rallying around Hughes’ daughter, Ally, who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes when she was 19. With MPW’s help, Ally’s Allies raised roughly $3,000 toward diabetes research during the Canadian 2023 Sun Life Walk to ...
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Nov 28 2023

Lee Acquisition Extended Cut

Human Resources Manager Kaylie Galinis and HR Generalist Sandra Khalaf had a long day onboarding 35 people in a marathon session on the shop floor as MPW and PPS acquired Lee Industrial Services in Huntsville, Alabama this summer. “I was really impressed with them and wanted to share the awesome ...
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Nov 21 2023

A Day In The Life: Mohibur Rouf

The City of Toronto, Ontario has officially recognized PPS Shipper/Receiver Mohibur “MD” Rouf twice in the last five years for the quality of the gardens in front of his house. It’s not much of a stretch to realize that many of the skills Rouf needs to be a successful gardener ...
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