Thermal Stripping and Powder Coating Burn-Off

Thermal Stripping and Powder Coating Burn-Off

In this process components are heated in furnaces to specified temperature ranges depending on the type of surface and materials being removed.

Parts are treated afterwards, to remove ash and residue. We then apply a thin layer of water-soluble inhibitor.

  • 4 to 5-hour long process with temperatures reaching 850°F
  • Controlled environmental emissions
  • All parts receive a thorough quality check before being shipped

Also called Bake off ovens or pyrolytic cleaning, burn-off ovens have become the easiest, least expensive and safest way to strip powder-coated, liquid coated, e-coated and CARC painted parts and tooling. Burn-off ovens clean with gas fired burners to strip many different organic coatings from paint and powder coating lines.

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