Fluidized Sand Bed Stripping

Fluidized Sand Bed Stripping

The preferred method for vaporizing and removing surface coatings without risk of causing any damage or warping is fluidized sand bed stripping. In this process, parts are lowered into a hot sand bath tank where they are scrubbed and buffed clean of all coatings.

Traditional paint stripping methods can be time consuming and cause damage to the very parts that the stripping is aiming to reclaim, particularly aluminum castings. Fluidized sand bed stripping is an innovative alternative that removes coatings from materials through rapid burn-off in heated sand. The fluidized sand is reusable once cooled, adding to sustainability.

PPS is committed to operating in an environmentally responsible manner and our fluidized sand bed stripping process is compliant with all environmental standards. Not only do we believe in reusing parts that were mistakenly coated, but we also believe in keeping our air and water clean.

Fluidized sand bed stripping is available for all paints and powder coatings, organic coatings, plastic and rubber. After the part is cleaned and inspected, we pack it into the original container to return it to you. Reclaiming parts with coating defects can save money, help you reach your production goals and reduce waste.

Applications include:

Reclamation of mis-painted parts, paint shop fasteners, paint tools, fixtures, hooks, jigs and racks

Benefits of Fluidized Sand Bed Stripping:

  • Fast, reliable and perfect cleaning
  • High-capacity cleaning
  • Operating temperatures up to 850°F
  • No thermal deformation of parts
  • Environmentally friendly technology
  • No risk of distortion or damage to steel parts
  • Cycle time generally lasting 30-60 minutes
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